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If you are a brick and mortar business impacted by COVID-19, MomentFeed can help you survive, putting social media to work on a local level. 

  • Share special offers with customers nearby your locations 
  • Make sure customers are aware of your closures and openings 
  • Connect with communities in an authentic way
  • Focus and optimize your ad budget, at scale

Get Social Amplifier from MomentFeed free for 90 days*. No strings, we just want to help you during this difficult time. 

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*The Free Trial is available to new customers in impacted industries and valid for 90 days. 

What is Social Amplifier? 

There are many tools that manage social media. What makes us different, is the ability to maintain control of your brand message, while still targeting social posts and paid campaigns down to a single location.

Paid Media Manager

During a time like COVID-19, the capability to target ad dollars by the level of service or operating hours at each of your locations is highly valuable.

  • Only MomentFeed lets you create location-specific Facebook ads, which are proven to drive higher engagement. 
  • Target customers near locations that are open for business during, and coming out of COVID-19.

Social Media Manager

There has never been a more important time to demonstrate to each of your local communities what your brand stands for. Leverage MomentFeed to make every engagement matter. 

  • Create and publish brand approved content to maintain consistency in how your brand is represented. 
  • Create and leverage a library of responses to common COVID-19 questions and concerns. 
  • Monitor and engage with your community in an authentic way.

Google Posts

In response to the events surrounding COVID-19, Google now allows businesses of any size to leverage Local Posts.

  • Quickly push COVID-19 related updates out to individual locations based on real-time changes on the ground. 
  • Leverage content libraries to ensure consistency in the brand message across locations.

Get Up and Running Fast

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Leverage Quick Start Program

As a user, it can be daunting to learn a new tool. Our Quick Start program takes the complexity out, from short tutorial videos to step-by-step set-up guides, we’ll have you up and running in no time.

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Talk to a Product Expert

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Step 3

Reap the Rewards of Local Reach

You’ll deploy scalable, personalized, local organic and paid social marketing that builds a community of customers around you and helps you drive new business at this challenging time.


Get Social Amplifier from MomentFeed free for 90 days*, and start putting social media to work for your brand.


*The Free Trial is available to new customers in impacted industries and valid for 90 days. By submitting the form you agree to the terms of use.